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I really enjoy knitting. My mom taught me how to knit when I was fairly young, and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since.” Magda Uculmana Falcon is an Afro-Peruvian multidisciplinary artist whose capabilities know no bound. Hailing from Nigeria and Peru, two places that undoubtedly swell with collections of rich, unique culture, it is no surprise that Magda finds her truth in the work she does. “For so long I’ve denied my passions because I couldn’t see it as a possible career,” – words that once held so much truth but through the breaking of many boundaries, Magda has planted herself firmly in the artistic industry, often concentrating on writing, acting, photography, and painting. Her talents and hard work prove that there is no such thing as dabbling in too much... especially when you feel your best when engaging in these activities. On being a black woman, Magda states that she always felt like she had been trained to be small and quiet, but through her art, she was able to combat those notions and draw joy from reactions to her art. Although only realizing her passion for art last year, Magda has secured a number of exhibitions to showcase her most recent photo series, ongoing, titled ‘X’; ‘X’ is a portraiture series that shares the voices of individuals who feel misrepresented or non-existent within the Latinx narrative. In the near future, she hopes to further her education and publish her very first book along with a flourishing knitwear brand. “I really just want to continue building connections, specifically in both Nigeria and Peru. My goals may seem ambitious, but I have faith in my abilities.” 

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